Q: Tattnall

PAX: Mr Fixit, Maestro, One Hit, Love Set, Nature Boy, Double Check, Lobos, Myrtle (RR,) French Lick

INTRO: Disclaimer. I am no longer a professional! Five core principles

WARM-O-RAMA: Daisy pickers, Don Quixote’s, big arm circles, Chinooks. 12 repetitions all IC. 10
Burpees OYO

THE THANG: Partner pull-ups. 50 reps total- 1 does amrap pull-ups while the other runs, then swap. Bear crawl to top of the driveway, then mosey to Gilligans island. COP squats 10 reps. 11’s with hand release merkins and gorilla crawls. COP 10 merkins. Mosey back to About Face- started a Dora with 100 lunges and 200 merkins before running out of time.

MARY: 21 flutter kicks, 21 LBCs, 22 Freddy Mercury, low plank til time

Thanks for being there this morning! I enjoyed it, and I appreciate all you guys!

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
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