Q: Tattnall

PAX: Tater Salad, One Hit, Maestro, Szczerbiak, Peaches, Mountain Mama, Messi, Corncob, Mr Fixit, GPS, Curly, SEC, Pointer, Polaroid, FNG Hacker! FNG Enos!

INTRO: The forecast called for rain, but the weather was just about perfect! No rain, not too cold, not too warm. 17 HIMS ignored the ignorant weatherman and showed up for some exercise and brotherhood. Disclaimer and 5 core principles

WARM-O-RAMA: Cherry pickers; SSH

THE THANG: Moseyed to Gilligan’s Island. Monkey humper circle of pain- when the Pax gets into the high teens those COPs get real!

Broke out my F3 workout deck- haven’t used it to lead before but it was fun. 2 Pax pulled a card at a time- high card wins!
Exercises (in no particular order:)

16 wide arm merkins
25 smurf jacks
25 2 count American hammers
25 diamond merkins
16 jumping lunges
100 arm circles
20 2 count butt kicks
18 4 count heel touches IC
25 Merkins
Joker- Pax choice- SEC went with 20 burpees
sprint 300 M
20 4 count Rosalitas IC
Queen of Hearts- knew this was coming- 25 burpees
20 Incline merkins
bear crawl- length of parking lot
100 calf raises
lunge walk x 100
Moseyed back to About Face

MARY: No time for Mary

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – F3 One Hit wins the Himmy award for outstanding leadership
Q had to leave to get to work. Enjoyed the brotherhood! Thanks for the opportunity!
Prayer/Praise –