Q: Mr. Fixit

PAX: Pony Express(double respect), Pointer(respect), Hacker, Polaroid, Bundle, GPS, One Hit, Curly, WhoDat, French Lick

Beautiful morning for 11 to gather in the gloom at About Face. I looked to see who the Q was about 7:00 last night and there wasn’t one…..so I said why not me?

SSH – 25 IC
Cotton Picker – 15 IC
Baby Arm Circle – 10 IC each way
Grady Corn – 15 IC
Mucho Chesto – IC 16 Werkin, 12 Merkin, and 8 Diamond Merkin
Then we grabbed some coupons to finish a strong warmup with:
Overhead Press – 15 IC
Curls – 15 IC
Overhead Press – 10 IC
Curls – 10 IC
Overhead Press – 5 IC
Curls – 5 IC
Same Descending order for Upright Rows and Squats then finished with:
Kettlebell Swing – 15 IC and a Cusack around the house and back to coupon station

Moseyed up to 1st lot on left for:
Descending Burpees –
5 one end then jog to the other side for 4 and back and forth we went down to 1
Descending Merkins – same deal here starting with 25 on one side and going down by 5’s
Descending Squats – same deal here starting with 25 on one side and going down by 5’s
Moseyed back to About Face

No Mary today as Curly is leaving us on Saturday and this was his last beat down. So I put him on the spot to show the other men what F3 can do for a man in a 10 month period.
We finished with Curly’s last bear crawl all the way around the house cause I knew he could do it even after a pretty tough beat down.

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – 2.0 event this Saturday at The Institution and Crossroads Clay shoot fundraiser Friday April 8th
Prayer/Praise – We finished by circling up around Curly and praying for him