Q: OneHit

PAX: Maestro, Pony Express, Peaches, Tattnall, Pointer, Szczerbiak, Yoshi, GPS, Peacock, Capsize, Tater Salad

INTRO: Disclamer & 5 Core Principles

WARM-O-RAMA: Bear Hugs, Hill billy, Cotton Picker, Trunk Rotation x 12 ic
10 Burpees OYO

We then continued with a little extension of what well call the:

Post Hole Digger/Mosey Warm up:
With the Murph coming up and everyone in need of more pull-ups, we decided to finally move forward with installing some pull-up bars at About Face (Only took 3 years, primarily because of our former 1st F Q)
4 Pax Dug with a post hole(Hopefully in the general area of where a post will go for pull-up bars) while the other pax moseyed to gilligans island and back and we continued/rotated until all 4 hole were relatively deep and wide enough.

Hopefully we’ll get the rest done this week, and we can put them to good use next week. the men! Many hands make light work.

We then moseyed back up to Gilligans Island where we did a modified 4 corners.
Starting with 10 SSH in the middle of the parking lot, we then went to a corner and did a exercise, returning to the middle for 10 SSH after each exercise then going to the next corner and so on.
25 reps of each exercise in each corner,
Corner 1: Merkins
Corner 2 : Shoulder Taps (single count)
Corner 3: Mountain Climbers (Double Count)
Corner 4: Imperial Walker (Single Count)

4 Rounds Total

Quick Mosey up to the next parking lot for a round of Howling Monkeys, Hold Monkey Humper Position until everyone has done 10 each man

Mosey back towards About Face, where we went past the driveway up to the next street and back to the flag for Mary.

MARY: Yoshi and Peacock led us in two exercises at Mary where they called the exercise and cadence.
Yoshi: LBC 15 ic
Peacock: Freddy Mercury 15ic
After persuasion from YHC, to get Peacock to change his Mary exercise from Burpees to Freddy Mercurys, I then let him instruct us to do 10 Burpees on our own.
Great work men!

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama. Mr. Fixit Joined us for this, great to see you out there brother.
Announcements – Daybreak sleep out this Thursday, JCB Mud Run coming up (Tater)
Prayer/Praise – GPS (Future) & each man to cast all our cares on God and take full advantage of this brotherhood and what F3 has to offer each of us.