Q: Capsize

PAX: Capsize, One hit, Myrtle, Nature Boy, Huffy, SEC, Scooter (not Skeeter), Szerbiak, Maestro, Mr. Fixit, Buzzard, Baby Daddy, Piggy Back

INTRO: push your self don’t hurt yourself, modify as you see fit

High Knees
Back stretch
Willie Mays Hays
Bear Hug
10 count IC merkin

Pain Lab theme, perfect for us Clydesdales
Moseyed to Gillian’s Island where we bear crawled across the parking lot and crab walked back, bear crawled again and moseyed back to grab coupons. SEC gave 5 core principals
Started with
5 man makers
10 IC slow 4 count Irkins
10 IC 4 count behind the neck presses
15 IC 4 count chest presses- slow
15 OYO Heels to heaven
Went to line and bear crawl across pad and back
5 man makers
10 IC 4 count Overhead presses
15 OYO binoculars
10 IC 4 count Overhead presses
10 IC 4 count binoculars
10 IC 4 count curls
Inch wormed across pad and bear crawled back

Partnered up and did 3 minutes of pass the coupon LBC’s
15 IC 4 count American Hammers the hard way

Block over head Freddy mercuries
10 each side OYO Vup side ups

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.check
Announcements – Daybreak Thursday the 23rd
Prayer/Praise – encouraged pax to receive being part of the bigger prayer across the nation through F3. Get your eyes up and pray for the city, schools, community and each other