Q: Mr. Fixit

PAX: Tattnall(respect), Curly, One Hit, Maestro, Peaches(respect), GPS, special appearance by Cadre Roll Tide

INTRO: I had a blast this morning in the pouring rain. Bear crawling through puddles with my brothers is not only ridiculous but exhilarating in a weird kind of way. Finishing lying on our backs during Mary in a torrential downpour with eyes closed and mouths wide open. Peaches summed it up nicely in one word. “Commitment”

Moroccan Nightclubs – 150 OYO(some jumped right in while others looked at me with puzzlement and rightly so). I didn’t let it go on long before moving to the real 1st exercise
SSH – 25 IC
Mountain Climbers – 20 IC
Thigh Master – 15 each leg IC
Twinkle Toes – 20 IC
Didn’t put the arms down for the next 4:
Baby Arm Circles – 15 each way IC
Randy’s – 20 IC
Chinooks – 20 IC
Grady Corn – 20 IC

Moseyed to 1st lot on the left for:
The Animal Wheel of Misfortune-
Bear Crawl across lot for 15 Irkins, SSH’s, and lunges
Crab Walk back for 15 left sided merkins, SSH’s, and lunges
Duck Walk back across for 15 derkins, 15 SSH’s, and lunges
Frog Hopped back for 15 right sided merkins, 15 SSH’s, and 15 lunges
Then a quick roughly 1/2 mile mosey back to About Face to grab a coupon for
Shoulder Raises – 20 IC
Upright Rows – 20 IC
Curls – 20 IC
Shoulder Raises – 10 IC
Upright Rows – 10 IC
Curls – 10 IC
Chest Press – 25 IC
Chest Press – 15 IC

American Hammer w Coupon – 20 IC
Flutter Kick w Coupon – 20 IC
Peter Parker – 2 count exercise – 20 IC
Imperial Walker – 20 IC

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – Tattnall 6th man(thank you)
Prayer/Praise – I was the 1st one at the flag this morning and with the rain coming down a thought crossed my mind. “There is a chance I might be ghosted today” But that thought was quickly erased as I knew my brothers were coming. And I was right. They came and we accomplished the hard thing in the cold rain. Man what a blessing to have men willing to go through that with me. Love y’all. Enjoyed it as always! – Mr. Fixit