Q: Bewyack

PAX: One hit
French lick
Tater salad
Myrtle (rr)
Mountain momma


Pulled one hit into the middle and laid hands on him and prayed over him and crossroads

5 core

Mission – focus on the mission and explain the vision of the pain lab so that we can begin to plant more pain labs all over and have more ao’s on Wednesday and the definition of a pain lab – to focus on form and build strength. This means that the heart rate will prob not get very high but we will still work it’s just gonna take longer to get through exercises – focus on low and slow as zerb would say.

Credo given by maestro

Imperial walker ic
Daisy picker
Burpees ic
Issue coupons
Shoulder press ic
Copperhead squat holding coupon
Lunge ic
Windshield wiper
Mountain climber
Plank jacks

Coulda swore I had written more to do but got done with all these by 535 and so we started on round 2 which looked much like round one with a tad of shoulder blaster mixed in to make the blockees and shoulder presses that much more fun
Mixed in some overhead flutter kicks and sky pokers to try and reconnect with maestros Saturday ab saturation
Burpees ic

Then hung out with Mary

Tossed to dill for a Mary exercise which was ww1 sit-ups
Bounce passed to sec for a shot at Mary –
Box cutter
Then to Myrtle for Freddy mercury
Low plank till 6

Christmas Eve eve ruck from about face to young life room over by fresh market and orange theory. Maybe drop some f3 cards in the hands of some sad clowns at orange theory?

Thank you for the investment into the men of crossroads through these hoodies. We know it’s not us but the power of Jesus and His Holy Spirit that will move within and use these hoodies to keep these men warm and prayerfully hopefully turn these men into HIMs and return to this world affective for positive.

Please keep praying for mtn mommas friend Chris. This is the neighbor that we bought a refrigerator for. He needs Jesus but won’t admit it and is very reluctant to hear the Gospel.
Pray for maestro and other families traveling.

Praise report that Andy johnson is on the mend after a successful surgery Monday!