Q: OneHit

PAX: Capsize, Maestro, Run Flat, French Lick, Mr Fixit, Curley, Hoser, Bewyak, Tattnall, OneHit

INTRO: Standard Announcements were made with 5 Core principals and mission statement

WARM-O-RAMA: Bear Hug, Daisy Pickers, Trunk Rotations, Chinooks, Big Arm Circles x 12 IC

THE THANG: After a very brief mosey and a couple lightning strikes, YHC decided to audible to the covered area beside About Face.
We made it work and it went something like this:
25 of each exercise such as SSH, LBC, Plank jacks etc. and of course 25 burpees at the end followed by everything from a bear crawl, job & karaoke in a circle under the pavilion.
rinse and repeat after circle (exercise, circle, exercise circle etc.)

MARY: bend over like a rag doll

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – Look at Slack
Prayer/Praise – Fixit-wisdom and discernment, provisions for firemen in storm. safety