Q: Tattnall

PAX: Yoshi, Kudzu, GPS, Tig, Curly, Mr Fixit, Peaches (respect,) One Hit, Peacock

INTRO: 5 core principles, disclaimer. 10 Pax crawled out of their toasty warm racks this morning for some holiday fellowship!

WARM-O-RAMA: False advertising. It was not warm. SSH, Cherry Pickers, Quad Stretch, Arm Circles

Mosey to Denver’s, then

T urkish Get Ups- 20 x OYO. Everyone loved these.
H igh 5 Merkins w/partner- 20 x OYO
A BC’s- Had to do capital letters b/c young guys don’t know cursive
N arrow Squats- 25 x IC; mosey back to About Face
K angaroos- 10 x OYO
S ee You When I See You-Run in opposite circles; merkins every time you meet. 10 down to 1
G un Show: Coupon OH Press x 20 and curl x 20; then rounds of 15, 10, 5
I mperial Squat Walkers- 20 x IC
V Ups- 25 x OYO
I nchworm- 10 x OYO
N arwhal- 25 x each leg OYO
G as Pumps-25 x IC

Happy Thanksgiving men! Way to get after it this A.M.!

MARY: Ran out of time, so I counted the Gas Pumps as Mary

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – No Wilderness tomorrow: 5:15 at Foxhole and Institution for Gobbler Challenge; 7:00 Ultimate Frisbee for everybody at the Institution!
Prayer/Praise – Traveling mercies; Thanks for all of our blessings; strength to deal with changes in life during the holiday season. God is great.