Q: Maestro

PAX: Onehit, Free Bird, Myrtle Respect-Respect, Mr. Fixit, French Lick, Dill, Maestro, Capsize Respect

INTRO:7 men joined me at the pain lab of about face even with knowing the misery of #Gobbler challenge is among us. We’ll call this burn Bernie burn. The 1st F came by to check in on us so I was on my best behavior and tried to get everything right!

WARM-O-RAMA:Kenny logins suggested I buy the premium version of Spotify and we skipped danger zone – maybe next time

Imperial walkers 51 ic
Flutter kicks 25 ic
Daisy Pickers 12 ic
Bear hugs 12 ic

Ran to the retail shop for:
SSH with squat in the 10 (called it Dangerzone acapella ) 30
Plank reaches ic 20
Dying cockroach ic 25

Ran to sopping center
Heel touches ic 8
Heel touches plus 2 inches ic 20
LBC 20 ic

Ran to the hill with no name
40 Tyson’s at the bottom
Bernie up
40 imperials at top
Ran down
40 LBCs
Bernie up
40 gas pumps
Ran back to about face

Fast paced Mary for 5 min
Flutter kicks
Hello Dolly
Heels to heaven
Plank reaches
Flutter kicks

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – the gobbler!
Prayer/Praise – praise for onehit at court, prayer for men at crossroads