Q: Tattnall

PAX: 12 Hims beat the fart sack this morning and got in a few burpees. One Hit, Tater Salad, Flomax, Sczerbiak (respect,) Tig, GPS, Curly, Kudzu, Peacock, Mr Fixit, Yoshi

INTRO: 5 core principles + disclaimer

WARM-O-RAMA: 5 Kraken burpees; bear crawl to top of driveway, crawl bear back down. Mosey to Denver’s parking lot. SSH x 25, 5 burpees. Imperial Walkers x 25, 5 burpees. Big Arm Circles x 10 front and back, 5 burpees. Chinooks x 10 front and back, 5 burpees.

THE THANG: Moseyed to bike shop parking lot and borrowed Mr Fixit’s modified Dab. 10 burpees in 1 minute; 10 burpees in 1:10; 10 burpees in 1:20; 10 burpees in 1:30; 10 burpees in 1:40. Lunge walked the parking lot. Moseyed back to Denver’s and did 10 Ascending burpees- Burpee with 1 pushup, then with 2 pushups, then 3, etc. up to 10. Harder than it sounds. Moseyed back to About Face and partnered up for BLIMPS; 15 Burpees (each,) then shared 100 Lunges the easy way, 150 Imperial Walkers, 200 Merkins, and that’s as far as anyone got I think. The 15 burpees got everyone to an even 100 for the morning. Any day that starts with 100 burpees is a good day!

MARY:25 LBCs in cadence; 25 Freddy Mercurys in cadence.

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements –
Prayer/Praise – Flomax’s dad- medical issues and upcoming doctor’s appointment; continued prayers for Stratford family; One Hit speaking to FPD’s student body.
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