Q: Mr. Fixit

PAX: Olaf, One Hit, Tattnall(respect), Roll Tide, Curly, Tig, Sag, GPS, Capsize(respect), Snider(respect -F3 Alpha), Yoshi, Peacock

INTRO: 12 others joined me in the gloom this morning including an out of town guest for a 0.0. Lot of coupon work = Lot of fun. Impossible to deny that.

SSH – 25 IC
Leg Swing – 10 each leg IC
Trunk Rotation – 10 each way IC
Tie Fighters – 10 each leg IC
Squat – 20 IC
Randy’s – 20 IC

Everybody grabbed a coupon which they became real comfortable with in a hurry:
Burpee block jump over – 8 OYO
Overhead Press – 20 OYO
Kettle Bell Swing – 20 OYO
Upright Rows – 20 OYO
7’s – curls 7 times at different angles equaling 21 total each set
Repeated this pattern going down by 2’s on the burpee block jump over and by 5’s on the other exercises
SSH – 20 IC
Irkin – 20 OYO
Raises – 20 OYO
Derkin – 20 OYO
Lunge w coupon – 20 OYO
Repeated this pattern going down by 5 after every set
Back Burners – introduced a new exercise but only got 10 IC(not sure it will make future cuts)

No Time

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – Thanksgiving Day Ultimate Frisbee Match – 7AM at Institution
Prayer/Praise – Stratford Academy during a difficult time of grief
Olaf – grandfather eye surgery
GPS – mother wisdom and discernment with financial decisions