Q: Tater Salad

PAX: One Hit, Buyack, Mountian Mama, Capsize, Myrtle, Mr Fix It, Abicus

INTRO: disclaimer and standards. Q butchered mission statement but we collectively puli we’d it together

Mosey 3 laps around the hut
Daisy pickers
Bird dog
Mosey 3 laps around the hut

Wall fire brigade
Wall sits while we passed coupons up and down the line. After one round stop and do merkin exercises focusing on full range of motion and form
R1 10 Merkins IC
R2 15 werkins OYO
R3 10 diamonds OYO
R4 10 renegades OYO
R5 10 hand release OYO
*a lot of potential to add more reps in merkins for future use

Mosey a lap back to start

Coupon work
Colt 45s
Cusack holds IC then seal claps IC 3 rounds
Kettlebells 10 oyo 3 rounds
15 Side bends and twists 2 rounds
15 chest curls and 10 chest presses 2 rounds

MARY: By committee but only made it through 3 pax. 6 minutes goes fast when pax try to burn you out😀

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – NSTR
Prayer/Praise – Relationships thriving and seasons of change in our spiritual, family, and social lives that are exciting to see God work out.