Q: OneHit

PAX: GPS, Mr Fixit, Olaf, Sczerb, TIG, Curly, Matlock, Rudy, Maestro, Rockdrop, Pointer, Peaches, Bundle


The Q Rolled in on two wheels as Maestro (in true Maestro fashion) looked at his watch & proceeded to throw jabs about the possibility of being late after my posting last night telling everyone to show up and work hard.

I then pointed out how my post said nothing about not being late & I encouraged/challenged him to outwork me.

Love you brother!

5 Core principles were announced by Peaches and the disclaimer was made by YHC and we got to work.


Bear Hugs, Chinooks, Big Arm Circles x 10
Cotton Pickers x 15

We then did a couple Rounds of Truth or Lie, where YHC stated a fact about himself and each PAX guessed whether they thought it was the truth or a lie.
I then revealed which one it was and exercises were done according to a correct answer or incorrect. (5 mountain climbers for correct, 10 plank jacks for incorrect)
-I have never seen a complete episode of the golden girls: TRUTH
-I have never been pepper sprayed: Lie

Quick Mosey around the building and back

YHC got out a white board that I prepared last night for this morning’s activities which were as follows: 500 @ 4 Corners / Catch ’em if you can

10 Round of 4 corners with 10 reps of an exercise in each corner
Each round starts with 10 Burpees

Round 1~10: Merkin, SSH, Curls, Squat, Overhead Press, Hillbilly, LBC, Shoulder Tap, Flutter Kick, Front Raises

If finished would have done 400 exercise reps and 100 burpees = 500 total @ 4 Corners

One More Round of truth or Lie
-In college I worked at Hibbett Sport: Truth
Correct 10 Merkins, Incorrect 20 Merkins

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – GPS has his VQ tomorrow at the Wilderness

I also Pointed out how Maestro and my jabbing is done out of love and the reason that I mentioned what I did about hard work is that Hard work is relevant.
Just because someone is in front of you doesn’t mean they are working harder than you.
The six is often working harder than anyone out here and that’s why we circle back and do what we do.
Remember to keep things in perspective and don’t believe the lies that the world tell us.
Prayer/Praise – Curlys dad has pneumonia, GPS mom traveling, Maestro work.

Love you Men!