Q: Mr. Fixit

PAX: Capsize(respect), Peaches(respect), Pointer(respect), Zerbiak(respect), Bundle, Maestro, One Hit, Tater, GPS, Curly, The Jacket

There were 3 of us standing in the parking lot at 5:13 but by the time the warmup started, there were 12 HIM’s ready to go to work.

SSH – 25 IC
Trunk Rotation – 10 each way IC
Knee Slappers – 20 IC
Toe Touch – 10 IC
Merkin – 15 IC
Baby Arm Circle – 10 each way IC
Mini Hair Burners – 10 each arm IC

Farmers carry coupon across street and down road to a little hill for:
Hey Pat, can I buy a vowel?
Murder Bunny to speed bump, leave coupon and bear crawl to big oak, lunge back to coupon, walking curl back to starting point, and 15 derkins upon arrival (2 rounds)
Dropped coupons and moseyed down road to an empty lot for:
Circle of Pain(5 rockin prime time merkins each leg while others held plank)
Moseyed back to About Face picking coupons up along the way

Side Crunch w/ coupon – 15 each side IC

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – Pax meeting Friday(no ruck)
Prayer/Praise – Peaches wife Michelle, Bundle’s mom with grief after loss, One Hit wisdom and discernment, and others including all those who are sick or recovering from illness
6th man – Zerbiak(welcome back brother) and Tater(glad to have both of you back). We need y’all as much or more than y’all need us