Q: Bewyack

PAX: Buzzard
One hit
Tattnall (respect)
Nature boy
Run flat
Myrtle (respect respect)

I haven’t been this excited about a q since my v q. I wanted to honor cardinal by treating this workout like an ipc workout in that I felt like if we went as hard as we should we could prob wrap it up with plenty of time for Mary and hair braiding after. I knew that if I went as hard as I could I’d prob puke and came close so I guess I didn’t go hard enough…anyway…
The balls it took Cardinal to put this q together was pretty awesome all things considered

Disclaimer – I’m here to push you to be better, but I’m not responsible if you get a little too better too fast and hurt yourself…
Grab a coupon and farmer carry to the salon
5 core – thank you Tattnall
Mission – thank you scooter (pooter)
Credo – this is our way of showing that we are leaving no man behind

Card’s VQ – 1/11/23

15-        Side Straddles Hops
10-        Tempo Merkins*
10-        Flutter Kicks Double Count
10-        Little Baby Arm Circles Forward
10-        “                “          Backward
10-        Hallujahs
10-       Knoxville Cherry Pickers*
20 Sec. Samson Hold* Yhc needed help with what these were exactly- held these i c for a 50 count
PHELPS it out  – I had no idea what this was and totally forgot to do it
10-       Willie Mayes Hayes – conveniently major league was on last night and Yhc was able to familiarize himself with this exercise and catch up on a classic

Cards run and repeat

5-Burpees  – We suggest a moment of silence for our brother Cardinal after completing this first set. -Rampart   – completely spaced on this and skipped right over – made up for it in the cot – thank you one hit                               
5 – Big Boys
5 – Heels to Heaven
Run to the sign and repeat (each run to the sign is 160 meters – this run for us meant a trip across the parking lot and back – we did this in between each set of exercises

Burpee count 10

10 burpees
10 Little Baby Crunches
10 Mt. Climbers Double Count
Run to the sign and repeat

Burpee count 30

15-  Burpees                                
15 – Air Squats
15 – Freddy Mercury’s
Run to the sign and repeat
When you return hold squat until all Pax have finished

Burpee counter 60

As a group if there is time

20-     Burpees     – then run across the lot and repeat         

Burpee Counter 100
10-        Big Boys
10-        Heels to Heaven
20-        Crunches         
20-        Mt. Climbers
30-        Air Squats
30-        *Air Bike rides

Grab your coupon and carry back to about face and meet with Mary

Cardinal said to pass this around so Yhc asked for an exercise from several pax starting with
Maestro – flutter kicks – or Freddy mercury you choose – 25 ic
Gapetto – American hammer with coupon – 25 ic
One hit – box cutter – 25 ic

With 15 seconds left we knocked out 5 ssh ic

Named – and after each name honored Cardinal

Announcements – plenty of 5 k’s to sign up for – if you sign up tell the pax so that you’ll have a running buddy. The @beachbody cantrel 5 k is right around the corner…
Yhc began his promotion of men’s hike. Men if you’ve never been I’m here to tell you that it is an opportunity for you that will not be given very often throughout your lifetime.
Quarter marathons and the other wimpier 10k’s are also available for those looking for a little more challenge

Todays cot was really great – very real reminder that we are here one day and gone the next. One hit brought a great word of reminder that if we aren’t living right then get right! Yhc was reminded of the wonderful female philosopher – the mother of joe dirt – when she said “is this where you wanna be when Jesus comes back?”

Prayer requests
French lick and his work load and school…
Rico that works with Tattnall
Bewyack – very important convo to have today