Q: Bewyack

PAX: Huffy
One hit
Tater salad
Mr fixit

Disclaimer standard
Focus on low and slow almost trying to get worn out by doing lower reps

Get coupons
Lunge with coupons ic 7
Merkins ic 7

5 core – thank you tater
Copperhead goblin squats ic 14
Blockees 7 oyo
Mission statement – thank you one hit
Ham stretch left and right
Bear crawl

Credo – thank you run flat

Bear crawl back
Quad stretch left and right
Cusack around the house
Bear hugs
Bac front and reverse ic – Yhc developed a speech impediment which he thought was funny but apparently wasn’t as he called cadence

Lunge with coupons
Merkins ic 9
Copperhead goblin squats ic 30
Cusack around the house
Blockees 7 oyo
Upward dog stretch to plank
Daisy pickers
Murder bunny’s back and forth
Bear hugs ic
Little arm circles front and reverse ic
Seal claps ic
Curls ic 30

Put the coupons back

Tater lead us in heels to heaven
Box cutter
Freddy mercury
Plank to time

Macon rock pop up 2.0
Support beach body in his wants to be better and sign up to do the 5k with him
Keep supporting crossroads!

Capsize – trying to navigate all life is throwing at him
Fixit – dad has diagnosed with cancer – plus fixit can’t seem to figure out where the pain he’s got is coming from

Praise –
For huffy being with us today. One hit stay on him and keep “loving” him to exercise with us!
Sloppy joe progressing in music at school. Excited to be part of f3 when he can be