AO: Ao-Foxhole
Q: Dill
PAX: Micro, Debris, Dill, John Hankinson (Gator), Mater, McFly, Mitchell Thompson, MooMoo, SoCrates, Garth, Twizzler, Busch, Peso
FNGs: 1 Peso
Welcome, Disclaimer, 5 core principles
WARMUP: Bearhug, overhead clap, Daisy picker, willie mays Hayes, calf stretch, chinook
Mosey to Junior lot for 11’s with SSH across the width of the parking lot.

Partner up for line hops

3 rounds 10 seconds each forward/back
1 partner exercises, 1 rests

3 rounds 15 seconds each Side to side
1 partner exercises, 1 rests

Line across parking lot for Fly-Ins
Build to 80% max speed in first 25 yds, hold 80% for 25yds (4 rounds)

Build to 100% max speed in first 25 yds, hold 100% for 25yds (2 rounds)

Circle up for LBCs, WW1, and box cutters

Mosey to bottom of Ralph’s ridge.

Lunge walk to first speed bump…10 jump squats

Bear crawl 1/2 way to next speed bump, sprint to next speed bump, 10 merkins

Side shuffle to MP sign switching halfway

MARY: Freddy Mercury, LBC, Flutter kick, LBC, Heel Touch, LBC, Hello Dolly, LBC, Protractor

ANNOUNCEMENTS: All night Ruck is Friday

COT: Micro- Praise for friends health with cancer healing, SoCrates- Dad’s cancer treatment