AO: Ao-Red_Dawn
Q: Run Flat
PAX: Run Flat, Buzzard, Piggyback, Myrtle, Geppetto, Maestro, Ben Stallard (TaterSalad), Baby Daddy, Downy, OneHit, Scooter, Fun Run
FNGs: None
Big Arm Circles x10 IC
Bear Hugs x10 IC
Daisey Pickers x10 IC
Willy Mays Hayes x10 OYO
Big Arm Circles Reverse x10 IC

We will not be wearing our rucks today. Ruck straps will not be used, so tighten everything up and arrange them so they don’t get in your way.

PAX were encouraged to not drop or set their rucks down the entire time. We all got really close with our rucks today. My ruck got more hugs from me today than it has our entire time together!

Indian Ruck to the practice field. Man in front called the way we carry our rucks until the man in the back made it to the front. Rinse and repeat.

Once at the practice field, PAX were instructed how the 10 cones that covered half the field would be used.

Cones were arranged in a circular pattern like an old rotary phone. Each PAX would start at 0 and start dialing their phone number as if they were using a rotary phone. Carry your ruck however you want to your first number, do that exercise, then carry your ruck back to 0 and proceed to your second #. Continue until you complete your phone number.

#0 = 30 Upright Rows
#1 = 50 Curls
#2 = 30 Kettlebell Swings
#3 = 30 Overhead Tricep Extensions
#4 = 30 Overhead Press
#5 = 30 Goblet Squats
#6 = 25 per leg Front Carry Lunges
#7 = 30 Overhead Squats
#8 = 30 Squat Thrusters
#9 = 30 Bent Over Rows

I think a few wanted to change their phone numbers mid beatdown!

Indian Ruck back to the flag in the same fashion we came.

Flutter Kicks x25 IC
Overhead Ruck Flutter Kicks while in a boat x20 IC
American Hammers w/ Rucks x20 IC

OneHit speaking tonight at Celebrate Recovery
Get on Slack

Prayer for OneHit
Prayer for Scooter
Prayer for Myrtle