AO: Ao-Pound
Q: Duke, Michael Smallwood(Bull)
PAX: Michael Smallwood(Bull), OneHit, Maestro, Dill (Blake Cannady), Duke
FNGs: None
With the lightning detector going off, we got down to business:

Rochamburpees (10 rounds)
Up/Downs 10 IC
Nolan Ryans 10 OYO (hard way)

The THANG (Bull):

Baseball Theme

Lap across the parking lot and back between each exercise:

Baseball invented by Abner Doubleday 1839 18 Plank Jacks 39 Calf Raises

Hits Leader- Pete Rose 4256 42 Mountain climbers 56 SSH

Consecutive Games- Cal Ripken Jr 2632 26 Merkins 32 Squats

Highest Career Batting Average- Ty Cobb .366 36 Shoulder Taps 6 Burpees

Hitting Streak- Joe DiMaggio- 56 games 56 LBC

Career Strikeouts- Nolan Ryan- 5714 57 Overhead Claps 14 Mike Tysons

Steals- Rickey Henderson- 1406 14 Lunges 6 Burpees

Homeruns- Barry Bonds 762, Aaron 755 7 Rosalita 62 LBC
7 Rosalita 55 LBC
Wins- Cy Young 511 5 T Merkins 11 Flutter Kicks

Saves- Mariano Rivera- 652 6 V- Ups 5 X factors 2 Heels to heaven

Ran out of time, but Bull had more that he’ll save for later, I’m sure.

World Series Titles- Yankees- 27 27 overhead claps

Last to bat .400- Ted Williams .406 40 LBC 6 Box Cutters

Walk Leaders Barry Bonds 2558 25 sec six inches 58 sec high plank

MARY (Duke):

Box Cutters 10 IC
Alternating Shoulder Taps (4 count) 10 IC
Knalp for 1 minute
Side to Side Heel Touches until 0600 (ended up with 37 IC)


Count-A-Rama, Name-a-Rama✅

Duke presented Bull with a shovel flag and congratulated him on his new site dominion at the Pound.

Century Run for Debris Saturday at Dauset Trails.

Convergence May 13 at Red Dawn

Prayer Requests: Night Light’s daughter (ears), Grow Ruck group (recovery), storm victims throughout the Southeast this weekend.

Pledge it Out.

Pray it Out.