AO: Ao-Ruckers
Q: Geppetto
PAX: Wade – F3 Sub, Big Chick, Piggyback, GPS, Walt Mays F3 Tattnall, Geppetto, Buick, Run Flat, Myrtle, OneHit, Szczerbiak, Scope Down, Suds, Bob Ross
FNGs: 1 Bob Ross

Slow circle up and count as there were many social butterflies this morning who proved difficult to round up.

Got a count so we know who we lost if we did… then headed out and picked up One Hit on the way.


We rucked 3.1 miles. True gloom this morning with a mix of fog, mist, and darkness. But with 13 other men and lots of mumble chatter it was just what the doctor ordered.

Shared why we need other men when we push ourselves from Michael Easter:

It’s also worth burning the ship with friends. Tough times, even if they’re manufactured, build tighter bonds. This is something the 14th Century scholar Ibn Khaldun noticed. He saw that harsh conditions require and develop social cohesion. Case in point: Look at these two idiots in the photo below, grinning despite just having self-imposed physical hell upon themselves.

Slack, newsletter, convergence, burn the ships the Saturday, mental wod next Saturday, Travis manion wod end of month

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