AO: Ao-Red_Dawn
Q: Geppetto
PAX: Brutus, French Lick, Run Flat, Fun Run, OneHit, Jiffy, Mr. Beast, Lipitor, Ratatouille, Myrtle, Geppetto, Fez
FNGs: 1 Fez
Welcome and disclaimer given right on Q!
Lipitor gave us our 5 Core
Myrtle out Mission
YHC our creedo

Musical Interlude Monday on deck for the final Q of Tour De Macon!
There was a not so hidden theme in our songs this morning…


“Only in America”-Brooks and Dunn
Bear Hug 15IC
Daisy Pickers 15IC
Chinooks 10IC
HillBillies 10IC

“Born in the USA”-The Boss
We lunge walked towards the track from the flag, during the chorus we would stop and do monkey humpers! YAY!

Circled up for our next song which was apparently an unacceptable cover…
“American Woman”- Lenny Kravitz
PAX held plank throughout the song and did Merkins when we heard AMERICAN WOMAN

We dropped our rucks for our next song….
“Living In America”-James Brown (from Rocky 4!)
PAX did SSH throughout the song, and would drop and do a burpee when we hear AMERICA or and city in America

Picked up our rucks and headed to the wall, all rucks in a pile on the end…
“American Soldier”-Toby Keith (Gotta have some Toby!)
People’s chair with ruck pass for entirety of the song (4 min 23 sec)

Circled back up on the field but not in the same spot…. cornbread’s request….
“Party in the USA”- Miley Cyrus
Rucks on the ground in a circle, we Bernie Sanders clockwise till the chorus then stopped in front of a ruck, any ruck hopefully not Onehit’s, and did curls. Rinse and repeat for the whole song!

“Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue”-Toby Keith (cause he’s the only artist who can be on a playlist about Merica twice!)
Left the rucks in a circle and we bear crawled counter clockwise till the chorus, we would then stand up and whatever ruck we were at and do front squats. Rinse and repeat the whole song!

Welcome to Mary! The music don’t stop here!
Had to have a classic for Mary!
“God Bless the USA”-Lee Greenwood
PAX did ruck flutter kicks to start and for the verses then sat up and did ruck american hammers for the chorus’

“American Kids”-Kenny Chesney (apparently a crowd favorite)
Started in a high plank for verse and dropped down to a low plank for the chorus…. didn’t get to finish the song to the dismay of all!!!

1776 games tomorrow 0700 at Red Dawn
Clown Car to Albany Launch
2.0 event August 5th

Prayers for
French Lick and this season of life
Praise for
Cornbread…. Jiffy… New Son! Mom and baby are healthy and doing well!
Prayed it out
Pledged it out