AO: Ao-Colony
Q: Duke
PAX: Fun Run, Dirty Dawg, Duke, Smack, One Call
FNGs: None

Plenty of stretching, because YHC has a sore back from carrying all the weight of the week.

THE THANG: 4.5 miles in 40:11 for YHC. Everyone ground out 5 miles. Found One Call on the road during the run.


Not today.


Travis Manion WOD at the Foxhole tomorrow at 0645, AOH 5K is tomorrow at 0800. Dirty Dawg said to let him know if you needed him to pick up registration.

Convergence May 12-13. Sign up on the Google Form.

All About Animals 5K/10K is next Saturday (check Macon Tracks website for details.


Prayer Requests: One Call’s dad (seizure, cancer, surgery), Mr. Fixit (BP), Dill (dad’s recovery), Smack’s wife(career change)

Pledge it Out.

Pray it Out.