AO: ao-wilderness
Q: Abacus
PAX: T-Zo (Pat Day), Chaps, Jeter, Roundhouse, Moon Dolphin, Gamgee, W
FNGs: None
Daisy pickers x10
Side Straddle Hop x10
Bear hugs x10
Bonnie Blairs x10

We moseyed over to the pull up bar
One of the pax did 5 pull ups while everyone else did 5 burpees or 5 squats, rotate until everyone did pullups

Mosey over to the coupons
3 sets of:
Curls x14
Goblin Squats x14
Overhead press x14
Kettlebell swings x14

Then we did a couple sets of:
Box jumps x20
Derkins x10

Mosey around

3 sets of:
Pushups x10
Mountain climbers x10

Mosey back to the fountain

3 sets of
Burpees x10
WW2 sit ups x10
Box jumps x10

Quick 20 reps of SS Hop

Dying cockroach x10
Lil baby crunches x10
Freddie mercury x10
V-ups x10

Forgot to ask for announcements

Prayer requests:
T-zo getting ready to move to Australia
Chaps looking for jobs
W working on a speech on abortion
Abacus’s M is applying for jobs in Macon