AO: ao-the-pantheon
Q: Papa Roach
PAX: Spackler, Lobos, Dangerfield, Run Flat, Fez, Papa Roach, Doogie, None
FNGs: 1 None
INTRODUCTION: Disclaimer, 5CP, Creedo, Mission (recorded)

10x Reverse BAC
10x SSH
10x Daisy Pickers
10x Bearhugs

To get the heart rate going for a Yoga Q, we hog jogged/moseyed over to the big hill and completed 2 rounds of:
10 burpees
1 hill sprint
Once at the top of the hill, we Bernie Sanders back to the speed bump then bear crawled to the starting line.

Once our heart rate was up, we partnered up for 1 round of 25:
Partner Merkins
Shoulder taps

Going with the Yoga flow, we decided to work on our down dogs with some “Buick Merkins?” (the shoulder press merkin) followed up by high plank to low plank holds both for reps of 30.

To get our core nice and toasty for Mary, we completed:
1 set of 30 sky pokers
1 set of 10 “down dog knees to elbow, nose, elbow”…essentially, high plank mountain climbers.

Staying with the theme of Yoga and its meaning of “to yoke”, we partnered up one last time with a 2 minute AMRAP of Yoga squats to Crescent lunges (prisoner squats, prisoner lunge each leg) and mumble chatted with our partner re: life, what yokes are around our necks, and what can we do to lighten them for each other as HIMs.

Not to be late with our date with Mary we hog jogged/moseyed back to the flag.

6 minutes of:
30x LBCs
30x Flutter kicks
30x WW2 sit-ups
30 seconds of 6 inches
To finish out the time, some more LBCs for good measure.

Masonic Home Run

6 man was Doogie. Thanks for sharing your reasons and whys brother.

Praises: Praises for Run-Flat for always pushing HIMs to step up and Lobos and Dangerfield for always showing up. (Great coffereria Run-Flat)

Prayer requests: Prayer requests for Spackler and his wife’s procedure on today, the city of Macon and its violence to end, and Fez for his career.