AO: Ao-Yard
Q: Spackler
PAX: Spackler
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Picked up trash waiting to see if anyone was coming in on two wheels.

THE THANG: It was a beautiful yet humid morning as I left out as a lone wolf with a half moon shining over my shoulder. Took advantage of the time during the ruck to focus on gratitude and blessings. For all the relationships the Lord has blessed me with- my parents, my kids, my wife, all the men of F3, the men from Mens Hike and those in our accountability groups. We have a lot to be thankful for Men of The Triad!

MARY: I did make it back with a minute for Mary- kept the ruck on and did 20 Merkins and 30 squats

ANNOUNCEMENTS: something about a Convergence coming up this weekend?

COT:Prayed for the Men of F3- for our unity as we grow in our relationships and as leaders in our family and community.