AO: ao-about-face
Q: Mr. Fixit
PAX: Capsize, Carolina Lean, Maestro, Mr. Fixit, OneHit, T-Swizzle, Popeye, Bobber, Loveset, Pointer, Chuckie
FNGs: None
SSH – 25 IC
Daisy Picker – 15 IC
Merkin – 20 IC
Willie Mays Hays – 15 IC
Tie Fighter – 10 IC each way

Before we got started I gave the Pax a choice between reps or running. Reps won 6-5 so we grabbed coupons and got rolling.


4 Rounds increasing reps each round:
Shoulder Shrugs – 5 IC
Binoculars – 5 IC
Curls – 5 IC
Burpees – 3 OYO
Upright Rows – 5 IC
Overhead Press – 5 IC
Kettle Bell Swings – 5 OYO

Reps increased by 3 or 5 depending on exercise for 4 rounds. After each round there were 4 different modes of transportation around the house. Farmers Carry right hand, Farmers Carry left hand, Cusack, and a half mile mosey to finish.


Imperial Walker – 25 IC
Hold Plank – 45 sec
Merkin – 10 IC

12 Miles of Ruckmas – Sat 4AM Red Dawn. Breakfast at Crossroads to follow. Let Buick know if you are coming. And if not, please let him know why.

Lipitor – quick recovery from illness
One Hit – uncle battling something
Capsize – difficult conversation to be had today
Loveset – praise for another semester down with good grades and his return to Macon/F3 for the holidays