AO: ao-wilderness
Q: Mr. Beast
PAX: TI (Adam C), Chaps, Roundhouse, Mr. Beast, Moon Dolphin, Boucher, Gamgee, Firefly, W , Jag, Stripes
FNGs: 2 Jag, Stripes
Bear hug
Toy soldier
Quad stretch
Side straddle hop
Daisy picker
Big arm circles
Imperial walker


Mosey perimeter and find the coupon pile. Collect a coupon and farmers carry across college street.

Compete one set of an exercise and jog 25 yd for 12 burpees and return. Complete the next exercise then jog down for 11 burpees and return. Repeat until 1 burpee.

Overhead press 10 IC
Curls (f/girls) 10 IC
Bent over rows 10 IC
Merkins 10 IC
Single arm rows R/L 8 ea OYO
Squats 20 OYO
American hammer 10 IC
Upright rows 10 IC
Block swing 10 OYO
Man maker 5 OYO
Overhead block flutter kick 20 IC
Thruster 5 OYO

Farmers carry and deposit coupons at pile. Mosey to fountain.

Bear crawl around the fountain for time
Irkins 20 OYO
Hook ups 15 OYO
Irkins 10 OYO
Hook ups 5 OYO
Bear crawl in the other direction for time
Calf raise 25 OYO
Mosey to the flag

Total 78 burpees and one mile running. Great work all.


Crab boil 20 IC
TI called for flip flops, 4 sets 5 each big boy sit ups and merkins
Gas pump 12 IC


TODAY at noon Strong Tower is serving chili for the community at Pleasant Hill. Corner of Forest and Walnut.
F3 at Northway Celebrate Recovery on May 6.
Speed for Need at Cantrell Center next month.
Junior League 10k in March at Valhalla.
Rule of 500 challenge. Sign up.


Prayed for Roundhouse’s M. 4 months pregnant with a thrown out back.
Prayed for Cub, M and baby Silas.
Chaps was our 6th man. Thanks for sharing.