AO: Ao-Red_Dawn
Q: Dill, OneHit, SAG, ER
PAX: Dill, Grimace, SoCrates, Myrtle, Scooter, Brutus, Micro, TI (Adam C), Waldo, French Lick, Vila, FreeBird, Downy, Zuch, Tonka, Matt Buren-f3 Cub, Capsize, Huffy, Turnbuckle, Piggyback, OneHit, Ben Stallard (TaterSalad), Abacus, Walt Mays F3 Tattnall, CeeFood, John ‘Beach Body’ Stevick, Karl Gant, Houlihan, Buzzard, Maestro, Palladean, Duke, Chaps, Dirty Dawg, Buick, Sloppy Joe, Cabbage, Ralph, ER, Mitchell Thompson, Weezer, Geppetto, T-Zo (Pat Day), Baby Daddy, GPS, Slowpoke, Szczerbiak, Mr. Miyagi, Flowmax, Mr. Fixit, Sudz, Waders, Back Draft, SAG, Kyle Stephens, Run Flat, Firefly, Scrabble, Raggedy Andy, Manwich
FNGs: 2 Raggedy Andy, Manwich
Welcome, Disclaimer, 5 core principles (ER- WR), Creed (SAG-Forsyth), Mission Statement (OneHit-Macon)

WARMUP: Smurf Jacks
Daisy Pickers
Bear Hug
Overhead Clap
Kraken Burpee
Counted off in 3’s
First Round: 10-12 min

Speaker: Cub (Humility)

Second Round: 10-12 min

Speaker: Dirty Dawg (Character)

Third Round: 10-12 min

Speaker: Micro (Perseverance)

Station 1
DORA – 123
100- Goblet Squats
200- Overhead Press
300- Curls

P2: Sprint to Cones, Bernie Back

Station 2
10- Bob Hurley
10- Hand-release Merkin
10- Bonnie Blair’s (Hard-way)
10- Carolina DryDock
10- Heels to Heaven
200m Run (½ of the track)

After each Round:
Pax eliminate 1 exercise but add 10 reps to each exercise (+200m to the run) after each round

Station 3
Iron Pax Week 1(modified)
Bear Crawl from cone 1 to 2 (10 Air Squats)
Bear crawl Left cone 2 to 3 (10 Merkins)
Crawl Bear cone 3 to 4 (10 Big Boy Sit-ups)
Bear Crawl Right 4 to 1 (10 Burpee)

MARY: This is where SLT tried to outdo each other with who could count the highest
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Forsyth Starfish
6th man: Geppetto, Thankful for you!