AO: ao-red_dawn
Q: Maestro
PAX: Rhett (Roll Tide) Evans, Queso, Maestro, NocAHoma, FreeBird, Buick, Downy, Mr. Beast, Myrtle, SEC, Vila, Freon
FNGs: None
5 core principles Buick
Mission statement Villa = 5 burpees
Credo Villa

There was a disclaimer given

WARMUP: bear hugs ic
Willy mays hays
Daisy pickers
10 merkins
Run around campus about 1/2 mile
Ended up on practice field

THE THANG: the idea was to keep our heart rate elevated to 80-90% for 4 min then a cool down with a hear rate to a bout 65-75 % max

4 min hill sprints with a coupon in hand with merkins up top jog down repeat
3 cool down mosey around field

4 min sprint up top of hill with 10 burpees jog down repeat
3 min of deep squats

4 min of burpees
3 min walking the hill

4 min of Bernie to the top with 10 dc imperial walkers jog down
3 min of walking the hill

4 min of pull ups (cool down)
4 min of push-ups

2 min of coupon swings
Mosey back to Mary

MARY: rapid fire Mary
Maestro situp flutter kicks
Nacahoma shoulder taps
Freon with heal touches
Downy with sit-up w/twist
COT: sex our 6th man
Freon with new baby on the way
Praise report on Spring Rawlings doing better