AO: ao-the-pantheon
Q: Peaches
PAX: Lobos, Spackler, Peaches, Chiccarrones, Doogie, Dangerfield, Lefty
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Disclaimer, Credo, Mission Statement. Encouragement, discussed what the Credo really means. SSH – 10 IC, Shoulder Blast (keep them up) each 10IC- Grady Corner, Seal Claps, LAC, BAC, Bear Hug
THE THANG: 4corners of 21 with a 2 lunge buy-in after corner. Mosey in between. 7 Joeys, 14 LBC, 21 Merkins, 28 Squats.  Rinse repeat. We got 4 rounds. Might have decreased reps on a couple rounds. Found a Hill and after a 2 Merkin COP – got a Bernie Sanders. Mosey to Flag.
MARY: Nope. She mad.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Sleep Out, Low country boil at Cross Roads, Race.
COT:Chicarrones was our sixth man. Thank you for sharing! Prayers for field trips and internships. What a time we had! Missed some Fellas!!!