AO: Ao-About-Face
Q: OneHit
PAX: Ben Stallard (TaterSalad), Brutus, Buick, Capsize, GPS, Huffy, Lipitor, Maestro, Mr. Fixit, OneHit, Run Flat, Scooter, Waders, Alter Boy from Down Range
FNGs: None
Disclaimer, credo & principles with emphasis on community leadership together as men as a whole not just leading our communities individually.
YHC then announced the
Slaughter Starter which was called at 25 burpees, the comment was made that the number of burpees must have increased bc it was thought to be 20….so we did 30

Then we moseyed to the parking lot of auto zone where we circled up for
Bear hugs, daisy pickers, imperial walkers & chinooks x 10
Mosey back to about face and get a coupon.
(4) 25’s & a 10
25 each of Merkin, mountain climbers hw, curls & over head presses
10 pull-ups
Followed by a bear crawl up driveway to the road and back
Overhead coupon box cutter x24
Lbc x 50
Merkin x 2
Murph, dht & check slack
Huffy friend shot in hand by random bullet, friend of alter boys m needs prayer after passing out, GPS, men of cross roads and f3