AO: ao-hermods-hideaway
Q: Fun Run
PAX: SEC, Run Flat, Fun Run
FNGs: None

Disclaimer, 5CP, Mission Statement, Credo
Willie Mays Hays, Groin Stretch, Quad Stretch
Warmup 400M


1200M at goal race pace
30-20-10 (mosey 30 seconds, race pace 20 seconds, sprint 10 seconds). Rinse and repeat 6 times or so. Did 15 merkins IC while we recovered. Did another batch of 30-20-10s.
Cool down 400M

MARY: We did lots of stretching for Mary. (Knee to shoulder, knee across, One Hits, Smash and grabs, seated groin stretch, hamstring stretch.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: downtown lights tomorrow night and Ingleside Christmas production this weekend.

COT: Ingleside show, SEC’s grandparents, all of us to be thoughtful and helpful husbands this time of year and really always.