AO: Ao-Streakers
Q: Dill (Blake Cannady)
PAX: Jerry Moon, Waders, Dill (Blake Cannady)
FNGs: None
Intro: Welcome to F3, Disclaimer, went over 3 mile route, Mission Statement

WARMUP: Willie Mays Hays 10 IC
Daisy Picker 10 IC


3 miles with a lot of Mumble Chatter.

MARY: YHC recommended The Academy have its own “thing” post run similar to Valhalla (50 merkins). Woody said we can call it the Mustang since that was the mascot here for Monroe Academy.

Mustang was born and it’s 2 minute continuous plank…Pax do 30 second low plank, straight into 30 sec right plank, 30 sec left plank, 30 sec high plank.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Fit to Achieve postponed, Foxhole will be wet tomorrow…come get better. Macon Convergence 5/13

COT: SoCrates Dad & Family, Ralph & Family with upcoming child birth, Men of F3 to lead their families well and be intentional with family time.