AO: Ao-Wilderness
Q: T-Zo (Pat Day)
PAX: TI (Adam C), Matt Buren-f3 Cub
FNGs: None
disclaimer was proclaimed
WARMUP: hi knees, Daisy picker, quad stretch, bear hug, SSH, BAC, back stretch
THE THANG: 1/2 mile run long way to coupon stash
cusack coupon to Capsize’s Coupon Court
Southern Curling halfway (150ft), 20 coupon curls
murder bunny rest of the way (200ft), 20 overhead coupon press
10x coupon calf raises up each stair of the bridge (~110 total)
At top: 20 dips OYO, 20 durkens oyo, Groupon (wall sit pass coupon) for 1.5 mins. Repeato once more (prob 1 min Groupon)
Coupon lunge back down the ramp (150+ft)
boom box carry back to stash, mosey to Mary
MARY: 25 flutter kicks, 12 merican hammer
ANNOUNCEMENTS: all night Rick end of month, THIS SATURDAY: extra innings if the beatdown will be provided by Cub in the form of moving (mostly boxes) from house A to house B. starts at 9:00
COT: pray for all of us for seeking goodness and avoiding evil esp. impure thoughts & wandering eyes, pray for seeking joy for Cub amidst tough year and lots of work, pray for Lord’s guidance for my next assignment