AO: backblasts
PAX: John ‘Beach Body’ Stevick, Biff, Waterboy, The Grinch, Back Draft, Lazy Dog, Cousin Eddie, ER
FNGs: None
– Bear Hugs
– Willie Mays Hayes
– Daisy Pickers
– Hillbillies
– Mosey around campus perimeter to the front entrance circle

Continuing the Christmas cheer started by the Grinch on Friday 8 PAX cheerfully completed over 300 reps while using the famous song “The 12 Days of Christmas”. Each round would start with the new exercise and we would complete all of the others respectfully.

Day 1: 1 around circle
Day 2: Burpees
Day 3: Merkins
Day 4: American Hammer
Day 5: Lunges each leg
Day 6: Plank jacks
Day 7: Mountain Climbers
Day 8: Dips
Day 9: LBCs
Day 10:Squats
Day 11: SSH
Day 12: Flutter Kicks each leg

Each PAX finished all 12 days with some able to start back down the days!

– Completed the remainder of the campus perimeter road.

– Maestro Qing on Wednesday to provide a “Q school”
– The next 7 Q slots are already covered without any repeats!

– Used John 18 as an opportunity to discuss while being a part of a church, life group, Bible Study, etc… is extremely beneficial it does ensure your salvation. Don’t get caught up in the myth of going to church means I’m a Christian…work out your salvation in a saving relationship with Christ!
– Several Scrapers are traveling this week