AO: ao-the-scrape
Q: Back Draft
PAX: Back Draft, Bagpipe, Biff, Chumz, Cousin Eddie, ER, John ‘Beach Body’ Stevick, John Denver, Nurse Jackie, Ranga, The Grinch
FNGs: None
Disclaimer, 5 Core, Mission statement, Credo

Daisy Pickers IC 10
Willie Mayes Hayes OYO
SSH IC. 10

Water to blood. Burpee, Lunge walk, ohp x2, duck walk all with coupon
Frogs. Frog jump across the concrete pad
Lice. Hillbillies & Lunge walk like an Egyptian
Flies. Shoulder tap & “fly”/sprint 35m and back
Killing livestock. Grave diggers &. Seal crawl
Boils. Crab boil & suicide run on the slab
Hail. Cusack to the shelter. Hail Mary
Locusts. Dead Bugs & Killer Bees
Darkness. Mosey to a dark spot. Moon gods & sneaky gorillas
First Born. Sacrificed my first born F3 exercise, the Turkish get-up

15 LBCs

Speed for Need
Nurse Jackie was the 6th man. He was invited and found F3 to be a good way to get into better shape and make friends. Amen brother. So glad to have you.

Be mindful about what input you give your mind. Like nutrition for the body, our mind is made up of what we put into it.