AO: Ao-Yard
Q: Fun Run
PAX: Sherlock, Fun Run, OneHit, Run Flat, Wade – F3 Sub, Rhett (Roll Tide) Evans, Onesie, Nard Dog
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Willie Mays Hays, Imperial Walkers, SSH, Bear Hugs, Mosey to the carpool loop where YHC had his miniature board of pain.
THE THANG: On the board pax saw a list of exercises. YHC instructed pax to do first exercise, run a lap then do first two exercises, run a lap then do first three and so on. In Run Flat’s words “they compound”. The exercises were:

-5 Burpees
-30 seconds of 6”
-10 Diamond Merkins
-15 Mike Tyson’s
-20 Werkins
-25 Lunges
-30 Flutter Kicks
-35 Merican Hammers
-40 SSH
-45 LBC

Time ran out when most of the pax were on the round with the flutter kicks. So in total most of us did 35 burpees, 3 mins of flutter kicks, 50 diamond merkins, 60 Mike Tysons, 60 Werkins, 50 lunges, 30 flutter kicks and moseyed 1.35 miles.
MARY: Seated leg raises, Merican Hammers and some side planks
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Convergence and Murph coming up, some pax headed to Grow Ruck, T-shirt orders
COT: Roll Tide and his dad experiencing some attacks from outside at work and elsewhere, Sub and his M during baseball season and that busy schedule.