AO: ao-gateway
Q: Carolina Lean
PAX: Buick, Carolina Lean, FreeBird, French Lick, Fun Run, Joshua Simonton Gruuel, Myrtle, Skidder
FNGs: None
As we arrived, the pax were curious if YHC was planning to save our legs for the 4x4x48. They would be sorely disappointed.

Welcome to the Gateway where the players play.

Nobody is responsible for injuries/accidents, except possibly Habits, but still fairly certain theyre not responsible either.

5 core, mission and credo.

21s – SSH ic, YHC calls cadence for first 5, pax have to complete the 21 at the same time. Pax accused YHC of staging it when he missed the finish, but it doesnt matter because Myrtle did as well, so we get our penalty of 21 burpees
Bear hug
Daisy pickers

Line up at the Mexican crosswalk for 4 rounds:

Lunge to stop sign (60 yards)
50 LBC
Sprint back
AMRAP Merkins
SSH for the 6

Duck walk to stop sign
40 big boy sit ups
Sprint back
AMRAP merkins
SSH for the 6

Reverse lunge to stop sign
30 crab boils HW
Sprint back
AMRAP merkins
SSH for the 6

Reverse duck walk to stop sign
20 mountain climbers HW
Sprint back
AMRAP merkins
SSH for the 6

Someone mentioned Bernie, so we took a short mosey to the back hill to find 100+ yards worth of Bernie

Mosey back to the flag and find a spot on the curb. We have 7 minutes left, so lets do:

EMOM for 7 min:
7 Mike tysons
7 burpees

We made it 2 min before YHC gave out and we went to find Mary

50 LBC
21ic flutter kicks
21ic box cutters
21ic crab boil

4x4x48 impending + Convergence cookout + Sunrise service + Murph
June 8 convergence workouts
Patriot games coming up as well

French Lick, thanks for sharing!

French Lick classes and new gig starting August, also dealing with decisions regarding his mom
Gruuel and his family as they are making decisions about schooling
Fun Run and the hiring process for the range